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Backup policy, Do you provide backups?
You are responsible for your backups and web content.   Every Sunday we take a full weekly...
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Can you help me install WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/other software?
Certainly! All our hosting packages include the Softaculous Premium Autoinstaller allowing you...
Views: 722
Each time I open my Cpanel there is a "Certificate Error" why is that ?
It is actually not an error but a warning, that the certificate is self-issued and not issued by...
Views: 715
How reliable are your servers? Uptime?
Very reliable! Over the past year our uptime has been better than 99.98%. That's an average of...
Views: 826
I can't connect to the server, I get a timeout error
Please send us an MTR (traceroute) from your PC/workstation to the server.  You can download a...
Views: 326
My ISP has blocked access to port 2083 - how do I access cPanel?
At Minthost, we meet this problem from time to time, so there is a solution to help. Here's how...
Views: 589
Receiving Email from Minthost
A lot of our communication will be through email.  Everytime something happens - you sign up,...
Views: 1824
The Domain Expiry Process
STEP 1: Domain name registration expiresThis occurs when the domain name has not been renewed by...
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What are the control panel URL's
Cpanel (domain hosting control panel) Normal - SSL...
Views: 1297
Which nameservers should I use? IP IP Our central DNS system...
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